Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga, in the twentieth century, is mainly practiced for health and vitality.

In addition, hatha yogis can become extremely clear-minded and can concentrate well. However, a few yogis do practice hatha yoga as their main method for spiritual realization. Their clear minds and pure, healthy bodies enable them to meditate easily.

In Sanskrit, ha means...

Hatha Yoga Balance

In Sanskrit, ha means sun, the means moon. Hatha yoga is the practice of harmonizing the body’s inner currents (principally the currents of Feeling, Thinking, Willing, and Acting) until they are in perfect balance.

Hatha yoga meditation is not well-known today and the purity of life required in order to do hatha yoga meditation well requires more time and application than most people are willing to give. However, those few dedicated men and women who are true hatha yogis live in abundant well-being and universal harmony.

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